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Help us to support schools by donating your unused laptops

Although children have returned to school there is a continuing need for computers in many homes to help them keep up with their schoolwork.

There is a long standing ‘digital divide’ between the children who have a computer on the one hand and the 1.8 million children across the country who have no such advantage. In addition, home working by adults continues to be an important feature for many families, and children must
often compete for computer time with parents and even brothers and sisters.

Many families just cannot afford the cost of extra equipment and their children are falling behind. Thanks to covid-19 the problem is greater than ever and is likely to continue well after the current crisis is over.

In addition, it makes incredibly good sense to refurbish otherwise unwanted computers from the point of view of the environment. Discarding a laptop not only adds toxic pollution to the waste stream but it also prevents a refurbishment which would help avoid the purchase of a new machine. Although computers are an essential feature of modern life, their manufacture entails damaging mining operations for rare elements and may even involve countries with poor labour laws and practices.

The government is providing laptops to schools to loan out to their children, but teachers say the need will far exceed the supply. Rotary is asking you to help fill this gap by donating unwanted laptops to its LAPTOPS4SCHOOLS project. All the donated devices will be properly handled, refreshed and made suitable for children to use.

LAPTOPS4SCHOOLS supports children based in the North West of England.

Please explore our website and see how easy it is to arrange for your unwanted laptop to find a new deserving home.